Google updates Search with new features to make travel planning simpler

By Xite - August 12, 2019
Starting today, if you’re looking for the best flight prices and neighbourhood for your stay, or you’re on-the-go during your trip, Google can help with your travel needs from start to finish.

While planning a trip a lot of you visit plenty of websites to find the cheap price for flights, hotels, to make the most of your money. But, at times its hard to track everything. Thus, to make your travel planning easier, Google has updated its Search with new features to help you get the best price.

When it comes to finding flights, it’s hard to know what the ‘right’ price is – and even harder to know when to book. While Google already show you whether prices for a flight route are high, low or typical, however, starting today you can see the same insights for your exact itinerary. Plus, for some flights Google Maps will now show you how the price has changed over the past few months and will notify you when we predict the price may go up soon or won’t get any lower.

On top of this, when Google will predict the price won’t decrease for select itineraries booked between August 13 and September 2, the company will guarantee the price won’t drop, and will refund you the difference if it does.

‘We’ll monitor the price for you and if the price drops any time before departure, we’ll send you an email letting you know once your flight takes off--so there’s no work on your end. This feature is available for select itineraries originating in the US with domestic or international destinations,’ the company said in a statement.

If you book a flight and receive a confirmation in Gmail, you’ll see your upcoming trip when you go to Starting this week, Google will assist you with recommendations for next steps such as searching for hotels, restaurants and things to do. When you click on your trip, you’ll see your flights have been automatically added to a timeline. If you haven’t received a confirmation in Gmail for some of your trip reservations, you can now easily add them to your timeline.

In the next few weeks, you’ll see helpful information about top neighbourhoods, the best time to visit and typical hotel prices at the top of your hotel results on desktop at globally.

Google will also help you pick the best place to stay by showing you personalised hotel results including places you’ve searched for or stayed at before, and hotels that are close to points of interest you’ve searched for.

‘When you’re ready to go on your trip, you can now use Google Maps to access your travel reservations, explore the city you’re visiting or navigate from place to place,’ added Google.

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