Google working on new social media platform ‘Shoelace’

By Xite - July 12, 2019
A product of Google's incubator Area 120, Shoelace is currently only available in New York City, though Google will soon launch it to the other countries, given a favourable response.

After Google’s own social media platform ‘Google+’ didn’t worked out as planned, the tech giant shut it down in April. But, Google wants to take an another take on this segment and is currently trialling Shoelace, a hyperlocal social media network for people who want to find similar interest people to join them in activities like sports and attending shows.

Google is testing the invite-only platform in New York first with an aim to help you connect with others who have the same interests. Users can create a listing for an event or for an activity you’re participating in, and invite other friends and even strangers to join you. Additionally, Shoelace will also pop-up events that you might be into.

Shoelace is a product from Area 120, an internal incubator that has earlier produced apps such as Touring Bird, Rivet, Game Builder, Grasshopper, Uptime, Shortwave, and Supersonic.

Shoelace runs on Android and iOS. While the Android app is no more available on the Play Store, however, an installer is available to download from APK Mirror. And since, you are now allowed to sign up for invite, you will have to wait till Google opens this up to more people.

Owing to the limited users interaction on Google+, Google has shut down Google+ for consumers. According to Google, the Google+ is better suited as an enterprise product where co-workers can engage in internal discussions on a secure corporate social network. Enterprise customers can set common access rules, and use central controls, for their entire organisation.

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