IMAX with Laser: Delhi, Mumbai PVR IMAX theatres upgraded with next-gen projection technology

By Xite - December 20, 2019
The PVR IMAX Theatres in Delhi and Mumbai have been upgraded to ‘IMAX with Laser’, a next-gen projection technology that is said to deliver ‘stunning’ images and powerful, immersive audio for ....

Leading cinema exhibition company PVR Cinemas has announced that its IMAX theatres at PVR Phoenix, Mumbai and PVR Select City Walk, Delhi, have been upgraded with IMAX’s latest laser experience – IMAX with Laser. The company says that this next-gen laser projection and sound technology delivers ‘stunning images and powerful, immersive audio’ that creates an experience so real that ‘audiences are transported to another world’.
The IMAX with Laser is a 4K laser projection system that features a new optical engine and a suite of proprietary IMAX technologies that, according to the company, deliver increased resolution, sharper and brighter images, deeper contrast as well as the most distinct, exotic colours ever available on-screen.
‘We are happy and proud to introduce one of the finest in-cinema technologies available in the world today, for our patrons in India. This also reiterates our focus on innovation and technological excellence. We are starting from the metros and will move into smaller cities with IMAX with Laser to enable a larger set of audiences to experience the new technology,’ Gautam Dutta, CEO, PVR Cinemas, said in a statement.
PVR Phoenix and PVR Select City Walk now also feature several new enhancements, including the installation of IMAX's 12-channel immersive sound. In this system, new channels are added on the side and overhead to deliver greater dynamic range and audio precision. With IMAX with Laser, movie-watchers at PVR Phoenix and PVR Select City Walk, can now experience: 

  • Sharpness: More details in images with a sharper, clearer and crisper picture for a heightened level of realism on the big screens.
  • Brightness: The technology brings an increased level of brightness of 2D and 3D images on IMAX screens.
  • Contrast and Colour: The new system delivers greater contrast levels in each frame, and widest range of colours available to filmmakers.
  • Sound: As mentioned, the sound system has been upgraded with IMAX’s next-generation 12-channel sound system in both the theatres.
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