Instagram Adds New Interactive Stickers for Stories: Here's All You Need to Know

By Sanorita - May 6, 2024
Many new interactive sticker options are now available on Instagram for users to utilise on their Stories. Let's see what each sticker may offer to enhance the Insta story's content.

Meta-owned Instagram has added several new features, including Frame, Reveal, and Cutouts for stories to increase user engagement. There is no denying the fact that direct messages (DMs) are a crucial component of the social media platform, and Instagram stories and reels contribute to its expansion, raising user networking on personal and professional levels. Meta's new features aim to provide more tools for users to express their creativity and communicate with their audience on Instagram. So, without further ado, let's quickly look at what each new sticker option has to offer.

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Reveal Sticker

Reveal is one of the most exciting features on the list. It blurs the content of the story, with the only way for viewers to see it through the DM to the person who has shared it. 

How to use the Reveal sticker?

Step 1: When creating a story, select the stickers icon and then choose the Reveal option.

Step 2: Now, you will be asked to compose a clue for your pals, describing what your hazy story might conceal.

Step 3: After that, you can see how your story will appear to friends by clicking the 'Preview' icon located in the bottom left-hand corner. Your friends can only view the content of your post by DMing you.

Add Yours Music

The 'Add Yours Music' sticker enables users to post songs that correspond with their current mood and encourages their followers to follow suit.

How to use the Add Your Music sticker?

Step 1: Click on the stickers icon 

Step 2: Choose the 'Add Your Music' option

Step 3: After this, hit '+ / Add Music' to choose a song from Instagram's music collection. Your friends can add their song by clicking the 'Add Yours' button after you've posted your story.


With Instagram's Frames feature, users can transform photographs into virtual Polaroids which they can view by shaking their phone or by clicking the 'Shake to reveal' tab. This feature is meant for sharing flashback postings and automatically adds the date and timestamp of the photo's capture.

How to use the Frames sticker?

Step 1: To add the Frames sticker to your story, first tap the stickers icon, and then choose the 'Frames' option.

Step 2: It will lead to your picture gallery, allowing you to choose the image to be framed. 

Step 3: Once you've made your choice, you may caption the picture. The date and time of the photo's capture will be added automatically. Once you've shared your story, your friends and followers can develop the image inside the frame by shaking their phones or by tapping the 'shake to reveal button. 


Any part of the video or image on your camera roll may be customised into a sticker with the Cutouts sticker, which you can then add to your story or reel. These cutouts can be easily accessed anytime through your sticker tray. You may also let people store and utilise the cutout stickers you make in their reels and stories.

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How to use the Cutouts sticker?

Step 1: After selecting the stickers icon at the top, hit the 'Cutouts' scissors icon.

Step 2: Select an image or video from your gallery that clearly illustrates the topic.

Step 3: It will automatically create a sticker. You have the option to manually choose the object you want for your sticker if it's not what you wanted. 

Step 4: Click the 'Use sticker' button to incorporate it into your reel or story.

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