Instagram to soon show IGTV videos on timeline

By Xite - February 11, 2019
As youngsters have now started turning away from Facebook and rely heavily on YouTube for their long-form video, it’s likely possible that pushing IGTV videos in timeline might not prove to be as be....

The photo-sharing app Instagram has realised that not many people are fond of its IGTV feature that was introduced to the app in 2018 allowing users to shoot longer videos. But, now, Instagram has decided to push the IGTV videos directly on your timeline.

Starting Thursday, users will be able to view videos from the people they follow as regular posts but according to the company these IGTV videos will have a tag differentiate them. You'll only see videos from the people you follow.

Instagram launched IGTV to compete directly with YouTube and managed to gather a group of celebrities and influencers to make some videos for the initial launch. However, the feature failed to get much recognition from users, and these bunch of real-word celebrities are pretty much the only people who used this feature.

At the initial launch, IGTV videos were accessed by clicking an orange button on the top right of the Home tab. But when Instagram noticed that not much people clicked on it, the company started pushing these videos as small thumbnails at the top of the Explore section of the app. Apparently, not many users clicked those either, so then these IGTV videos were shown directly in the Explore section, combined with other videos and auto-played whenever a user scrolled through them.

And it seems no even watched them too, which is why Instagram now wants to push them directly on to your timeline now.

IGTV was launched as a new thing for watching long-form, vertical video from your favourite Instagram creators. However, uses still watch longer videos more on YouTube and is still considered a much better platform for content creators and for viewers.


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