Kent CamEye Review

By Xite - July 5, 2019
kent cameye
With demand for car trackers and dash cams rising, Kent has come out with a new product that offers the functions of both in a single device. We test it to find out its capabilities.

Given the chaos that exists on our roads, it’s not surprising to see why dash cams have become so popular. In the country with the highest number of road accidents in the world, dash cams offer the car user an opportunity to record exact sequence of events in case of a mishap. On the other hand, car theft is also a rampant problem, and GPS trackers can, in some cases, prove to be very useful to track a stolen car.

Kent, with its CamEye product offers a unique solution. Firstly, it has two cameras which allow the device to simultaneously record the view in front of the car and also the interior. Secondly, it even offers face recognition, which means that if the driver chooses to cover the device with a cloth, it alerts the owner via the smartphone app. The CamEye comes with a built-in SIM that allows the device to connect to cellular networks and transfer video footage and GPS data to Kent’s servers in real time.

The CamEye app is a breeze to use and offers a host of options to track the vehicle.

In practical usage, while the device took a few minutes to connect to the GPS satellites, but once done, it was freakily accurate in tracking the car and also keeping a record of the car’s speed. In fact, if you want, you can even sound an alarm via the device’s in-built speaker to alert the driver that they’re over speeding. For a lot of users concerned about the safety of their family members or young adults using the car, the CamEye allows you to track the vehicle in real time and you can geofence the vehicle where it alerts you via the app if the vehicle is taken out of a pre-designated area. And to track who’s driving or in the car, the interior view camera is very useful, works real-time and it even has a stealth mode on the app which allows you to see who’s inside the car without alerting the occupants.

The data generated from the device is saved on encrypted cloud-based servers of Kent for a period of 90 days and can easily be downloaded and stored for record keeping. Additionally, it also has a built-in battery that allows it to work for 12 hours without charging via the cigarette lighter port. In our experience, if you’re safety minded, the CamEye is a fantastically capable device with a well-designed app, even though it’s priced at a steep `17,999. The only worry I would have is putting out such a large amount of data on to the cloud, since I take data security rather seriously. But, for convenience and safety, it’s a price we all have to pay today, one way or the other. 


Ability to record two-sided video, good suite of features


Not concealed like a proper GPS tracker, amount of data the device gathers can be frightening


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