LAVA Pay digital payment solution allows money transfer without internet

By Xite - March 12, 2020
LAVA has introduced LAVA Pay - an application-based digital transaction solution that does not need an active internet connection to transfer funds. Lava Pay to come pre-installed in company’s upcom....

LAVA International Limited has introduced the LAVA Pay app – a digital payment solution that allows its users to transfer money even without an active internet connection. LAVA says that the app comes with the highest security standards. The Lava Pay app will come pre-installed in the company’s upcoming feature phones, allowing those with feature phones to use digital transactions in a simplified manner.

Existing Lava customers can get this application installed in their current phones by visiting any of 800+ Lava service centres in the country. To send money through the app, a user has to enter the phone number of the receiver, the amount that needs to be transferred, and the transaction Pass Code. Once the transaction is complete, both the sender and the receiver will get an alert about the transaction.

‘Lava Pay is the first solution for digital financial transactions without the requirement of internet connectivity. The fully secure Lava app with a very simple UI for ease of transactions is aimed at empowering feature phone users by eliminating the need of carrying cash all the time. We are hopeful that this non-internet payment solution will be well-accepted in the market and change the way feature phones users conduct transactions in future,’ Tejinder Singh, Head-Product, Lava International, said in a statement.

According to the company, India has about 500 million feature phone users and most of them still do offline financial transactions because of the unavailability of internet connectivity on their phones. The LAVA app not only lets feature phone users transfer money but also enables them to check their account balance. To start transacting, users need to get the app configured. They can do it by visiting their banks.

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