Legrand India introduces IP based door phones in India

By Xite - March 27, 2019
Simple to install and use, Legrand Indian Classe 300 IP door phone addresses the crying need in the industry for a product that meets all parameters of being suave, smart, connected and safe.

Legrand India, a global company that specialises in electrical and digital building infrastructure has introduced their IP based door phone – ‘Classe 300’ to further expand their home automation product portfolio in India.

The Classe 300 is the new connected video internal unit that gives users accessibility and connectivity with a convenience of letting them access their homes sitting anywhere in world at any time. Features a wide 7-inch touch screen display, the Classe 300 is capable to manage various functions via smartphone, in and out of the home, such as controlling calls, opening the gate, activating the camera or switching the garden lights on.

The smartphone acts as intercommunicating terminal with the video internal unit. You can check the house remotely, using your smartphone to activate the external and internal cameras connected to the video internal unit. Switch on the garden light or watering when you are out or on holiday directly from the smartphone.

The door entry app is available on Android and iOS and can be easily configured.

‘The launch of Classe300 is aligned to Legrand’s objective to create smart and connected ecosystems. Customers are looking for products which are not complex and can be installed easily and at the same time also allow them accessibility and convenience,’ said Sameer Saxena, Director, Marketing(Group), Legrand India.

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