LG 8K TV line-up to launch at CES 2020

By Xite - January 6, 2020
LG says with the new LG 8K OLED and NanoCell TVs, consumers can enjoy mesmerising picture quality regardless of the format. The new line-up comprises of 8 TVs with new 77 and 65-inch models.

LG will introduce its new 8K TV line-up at the CES 2020 that will comprise of eight TVs with new 77- and 65-inch class models joining LG’s existing 88- and 75-inch screen sizes.

The 2020 line-up includes premium 88- and 77-inch class LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K TVs (models 88/77 OLED ZX) and advanced LG NanoCell TVs (models 75/65 Nano99, 75/65 Nano97, 75/65 Nano95).

According to LG, the new models are designed to play native 8K content and supports codecs including HEVC, VP9 and AV1 (backed by major streaming providers including YouTube).

Every model in the new line-up exceeds the industry’s official 8K Ultra HD definition set by the Consumer Technology Association(CTA) which requires a minimum 50 per cent CM threshold. Other independent labs such as TÜV Rheinland have validated that LG SIGNATURE OLED 8K and LG 8K NanoCell TV exceed this definition.

LG NanoCell

The LG 8K TVs will support 8K content streaming at a rapid 60 frame per second and are certified to deliver 8K 60P over HDMI. The TVs are powered by the new α (Alpha) 9 Gen 3 AI processor and utilising an intelligent deep learning network, the AI 8K upscaling offers vibrant and accurate 8K images by analysing the content and applying Quad Step Noise Reduction and frequency-based Sharpness Enhancer to increase lower resolution content to near 8K perfection.

The α9 Gen 3 processor’s AI Picture Pro can recognise faces and text on screen, and fine-tunes and sharpens each to produce more natural looking skin tones. The TVs also come with Auto Genre Selection that recognises the type of content being watched and automatically applies the ideal picture settings. The feature works in four genres – movie, sports, standard and animation.

The built-in AI Sound Pro analyses and classifies the audio of content among five categories – music, movies, sports, drama or news. Consumers can also control compatible IoT devices directly from the TV’s Home Dashboard, while Hands-Free Voice Control allows viewers to easily control multiple connected devices with just their voice, even from across the room.

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