Meta Launches Llama 3-powered AI Assistant, Users Can Create AI Images on WhatsApp

By Kanika Sachdeva - April 19, 2024
Meta has launched an upgraded version of Meta AI (Artificial Intelligence), which is said to be the "most intelligent AI assistant" powered by the next-generation Llama 3 AI model.

Mark Zuckerberg's Meta has introduced an updated version of Meta AI (Artificial Intelligence). Based on the company's "state-of-the-art" Llama 3 AI model, the latest version of Meta AI is said to be the "most intelligent AI assistant". Thanks to this, users can leverage the strength of Meta AI to help make "life easier", whether it's about finding a restaurant, planning a trip, or replying to queries. For easier access, Meta has added its AI chatbot to the search bar across WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, offering real-time information from the web without switching applications. Besides, users can directly access the chatbot through Facebook to ask questions about posts they see on the platform. 

What's more, Meta's new Imagine feature enables users to produce high-quality images and animations based on text descriptions in real time. In a blog post, Meta says, "You’ll see an image appear as you start typing — and it’ll change with every few letters typed, so you can watch as Meta AI brings your vision to life". Note that the Imagine feature is in the testing phase on WhatsApp and the Meta AI website in the US. According to market reports, more features will likely find a home in the AI chatbot. 



Updated Meta AI: Which Countries Get it?

Already available in the US, Meta is now gradually rolling out its AI-powered chatbot to several countries, including Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. However, the company says that users can access the latest version of the chatbot across the Meta platform. Besides this, Meta has rolled out, a website that puts Meta to a comparison with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. 

What Next?

Market reports suggest that Meta plans to integrate its updated AI assistant into its Ray-Ban smart glasses. It lets Meta AI identify objects seen by the user and answer questions about them. More on this will be revealed at a later date. While the Meta AI expansion is being rolled out to the above-mentioned countries, it was earlier in Beta in India. 

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