Microsoft working on AirPods like headphones, codenamed ‘Morrison’

By Xite - April 16, 2019
Microsoft is working on a pair of wireless earbuds 'Morrison' — possibly a reference to Jim Morrison, former lead singer of the Doors. Except, Cortana integration, other details are yet unknown.

Tech giant Microsoft is said to be working on a Surface-branded pair of wireless headphones. According to the media reports, the headphones are expected to have Cortana support and will be launched by end of this year.

When it comes to wireless headphones, while other companies are getting their tunes right to bring the right product, Apple AirPods have been immensely successful making the right balance between price, size, audio quality and reliability. Jabra and Bose have launched their AirPods competitor but nothing has been as simple to use and Apple AirPods.

Microsoft first start retailing its first Surface-branded wireless Surface Headphones, last year. And while they packed an intelligent control layout and had good wireless performance, but were expensive and didn’t impress much in terms of audio quality.

And now with the wireless headphone industry progressing at a fast pace, there is bigger market for AirPods like headphones as compared to the over-ear wireless headphones. Thus, Microsoft pushing itself to that phase seems logical. However, Microsoft is not the only company working in that direction. Earlier this year, Amazon was reported to be working on a pair of wireless earbuds that will be Alexa enabled.

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