Microsoft working on Mini Xbox console

By Xite - July 5, 2019
Tech giant Microsoft could introduce a new mini Xbox which will be priced approximately $60, especially for its Project xCloud. The new Xbox console is designed to boost the company's hardware divisio....

Microsoft is reportedly working on a mini Xbox console that could be priced around $60. The mini Xbox will be a part of its Project xCloud, a game-streaming technology that the company introduced October of last year to boost its console hardware division and to give gamers more ways to connect and play no matter where they are located.

The mini Xbox would also allow users to connect their Xbox controllers to TVs. While the device will be able to offer some 3D navigation, however, being low in processing power it would not deal with rendering, textures and all the other heavy processing tasks required by a modern game.

Other details about the mini Xbox device are yet unknown.

Codenamed ‘Project Scarlett’, Microsoft is also said to be working on a high end next-generation Xbox hardware that will support 8K graphics and framerates of up to 120fps. The next gen hardware console is said to launch in early 2020. And to give users an enhanced gaming experience, Microsoft is planning to add a custom designed CPU based on AMD’s Zen 2 and Radeon RDNA architecture in the new Xbox console which the company claims could increase the performance by up to four times than the Xbox One X. The new Xbox console will also have a fast GDDR6 RAM to offer fast frame rates and high resolution images, the company said.

The upcoming Project Scarlett console will also support ray-tracing and variable refresh rates. Earlier Microsoft said it will use SSD as virtual RAM which will boost the performance by up to 40x than the Xbox One X. A new ‘Halo’ videogame is also expected to launch alongside the new console.

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