Netflix Profits Surge by 54% After Password-sharing Crackdown, Gains 93 Lakh Subscribers in Q1

By Reetika Bhatt - April 23, 2024
Netflix's total subscriber count hit approximately 27 crore after adding 93 lakh new members in the first quarter. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the firm's user acquisition and retention st....

In the first quarter of 2024, Netflix experienced a remarkable surge in its global user base, welcoming over 93 lakh new members to its platform. This surge comes on the heels of the streaming giant's robust campaign against password sharing, which has added to its efforts to attract new subscribers. As a result, Netflix has seen a notable 54 per cent increase in operating profits, with further growth anticipated. The company's recent report unveiled this achievement, surpassing market projections and nearly doubling analyst estimations. As of March's conclusion, Netflix has approximately 27 crore subscribers worldwide, owing to a significant influx of new users from around the globe. In a letter addressed to investors, the company proudly declared, 'We now engage with an audience exceeding half a billion individuals, with an average of more than two people per household. No entertainment entity has ever operated at this scale and with such ambition.'

The Numbers

With a profit of USD 5.28 (about Rs 440) per share, the company outperformed Wall Street's estimates of USD 4.51 (around Rs 376). Operating income for Netflix soared to USD 2.6 billion (about Rs 260 crore), a considerable increase from the USD 1.7 billion (around Rs 170 crore) reported during the same period last year. In a calculated move, Netflix declared that it will no longer reveal subscriber counts starting next year. This change signifies the company's goal to move away from subscriber count and towards engagement metrics like time spent on the platform and subscriber activity. Netflix's total subscriber count hit approximately 27 crore after the addition of 93 lakh new members, underscoring the effectiveness of its user acquisition and retention tactics.

Reasons Behind Impressive Growth

Netflix's commitment to combating unauthorised account usage has been crucial to its tremendous success; an estimated 100 million people were previously using other people's accounts to access the platform for free rather than signing up for a subscription directly. Netflix has been successful in encouraging such users to become paying subscribers, despite early concerns about possible customer backlash. Furthermore, a major factor in Netflix's success in reaching a wider audience is its recent entry into ad-supported streaming plans. The launch of a more accessible, ad-supported tier caters to budget-conscious customers, expanding Netflix's product selection and solidifying its position as a major player in the global entertainment industry.

In the future, Netflix has pledged to continue its relentless pursuit of creative content initiatives, including investing in live programming. Besides this, the firm has declared that it will no longer release revenue per subscriber and quarterly paid membership data, indicating a strategic move towards more conventional performance measures.


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