New Motorola smartphone to come with stylus

By Xite - January 28, 2020
After making headlines with the Moto Razr smartphone, Motorola is now reported to be working on a new smartphone that will come with stylus. The smartphone could be unveiled at MWC next month.

Motorola created a lot of buzz and excitement by reviving Moto Razr and its folding screen, and it looks like that it has more surprises in store for us. The Lenovo-owned company is now reported to be working on a new smartphone that apart from having a hole-punch selfie camera will also come with a stylus.

The dual-tone stylus is expected to come with two buttons near its top and a rounded soft tip. It differs from Samsung’s S Pen, for it has a slight indent at the bottom left of the device, whereas Samsung’s S Pen fits into the bottom right of the Galaxy Note.

The phone is slated to be launched on April 3, but it’s not yet clear whether this device will be first launched in the US or Motorola would focus on other markets, such as India.

It will be interesting to see the kind of tricks Motorola packs into the stylus. Will it just be an accessory for accurate screen interactions or something more? Samsung, on the other hand, has packed numerous functionalities into the S Pen over the last few years. While some are pretty useful, few of them are just gimmicks, including the hand-wave gestures of the Note 10.

Media reports suggest that Motorola could unveil the stylus phone at Mobile World Congress scheduled to happen next month in Barcelona.

Once a popular brand in the world of flip phones, Motorola is now facing stiff competition from Samsung and OnePlus, even after the company gained huge popularity with the Motorola Droid.

The company is also planning to launch new smartphones that will run on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor, meaning they will support 5G.

The company last phone launched was Razr in November of 2019. It comes with a flexible screen that folds completely in half, like a book, to give it a traditional Razr look.

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