Nothing Earbuds to Get ChatGPT Integration Soon; Here's All You Need to Know

By Sanorita - May 15, 2024
The Nothing Ear and Ear A, the company's first wireless earbuds with OpenAI's artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot assistance, went on sale last month. Read on to know more about the recent updates.

Following the release of the Ear and Ear A with ChatGPT compatibility in April, Nothing is now set to incorporate OpenAI's chatbot into its remaining audio lineup, including the Ear 1, Ear Stick, Ear 2, CMF Buds, CMF Neckband Pro, and CMF Buds Pro. Through the inclusion of ChatGPT, users can ask a verbal question to the chatbot and get the answer directly into their earbuds. This functionality may improve given that OpenAI has released the GPT-4o model, which provides real-time spoken conversations and expressive voices. However, before using ChatGPT via earbuds, users must meet a few requirements. Read on to know more.

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Double opt-in Process

To use ChatGPT with earbuds, you have to go through a double opt-in process. Users have to download the ChatGPT app to their devices and configure the trigger using the Nothing X app. It is vital to note that the integration is possible only if the earbuds are connected to Nothing's smartphones. Customers can easily use the AI model without a phone after these conditions are fulfilled.

Let's briefly go through the features of the newly released Nothing Ear, Nothing Ear A TWS Earbuds, which were the company's first wireless earbuds to come with the integration of OpenAI's AI chatbot.

In India, the Nothing Ear costs Rs 11,999, while the Nothing Ear A is available for Rs 7,999. The Nothing Ear is stated to possess a maximum battery capacity of 40.5 hours, whereas the Ear A is reported to have a peak playback length of 42.5 hours. The Nothing Ear and Ear A are fitted with 11mm dynamic drivers. The former has ceramic diaphragms, while the latter sports PMI and TPU ones. Both earbuds offer up to 45dB ANC and come with a transparency mode. Due to their multi-point connectivity, the earbuds can be paired with two devices simultaneously. 

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