Now you can easily switch between song, its video on YouTube

By Xite - July 19, 2019
With the new switching feature you no longer need to juggle to find the music video of the track you are listening. YouTube has perfectly time matched over five million official videos ⁠— no pause....

YouTube has made music streaming a lot easier. Now with a simple tap users can switch between a music track they are listening to watch the music video -- no pauses, no interruptions, just a simple transition that keeps the music flowing. The feature is available for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscribers.

Starting today, users will notice a video button at the top of the screen as they start listening to a song, and with a simple tap, they can instantly start watching the music video or flip back to the audio at the same point in the track.

The feature is designed to make it easy for users to discover video content too on the platform and to ultimately engage users. From recent mega-hits to 90’s pop songs, if a song has a video, YouTube Music will surface a video button so switching between audio and visuals is just one click away.

YouTube has said it has perfectly time-matched over five million official music videos to their respective audio tracks on YouTube Music, so no matter when or how often you flip back and forth between the two, you won’t miss a beat. When you flip from video to song, there will not be any introductions and you can directly start watching.

If you are not into music videos, don’t worry. To stick to songs 100 per cent of the time, visit your settings and turn off the music video option by toggling ‘Don’t play music videos’ to the ‘on’ position.

To check out flipping between song and video, along with all the other great features, download the YouTube Music app for Android or iOS, and start your trial of YouTube Music Premium.

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