OnePlus Concept One World Tour: A chance to see ‘invisible camera’ tech in your city

By Xite - January 29, 2020
OnePlus has announced OnePlus Concept One World Tour in which it will be showcasing the technology behind the OnePlus Concept One smartphone across various regions, including India, North America and ....

You may have seen the images of the ‘invisible camera’ feature on the OnePlus Concept One smartphone that was on display at the CES 2020. OnePlus is now giving the general public a chance to take a closer look at the next-gen technology in certain cities. The Chinese tech giant has announced OnePlus Concept One World Tour, in which it will display the ‘invisible camera’ feature in cities across various regions including India, North America, France, Germany, The Netherlands, the UK, Finland, and Denmark.

In India, the concept phone will be showcased in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore on February 8. In Seattle, US residents can see it on February 6. It will be showcased in Paris (France) on February 5, Cologne (Germany) on February 7, Amsterdam (the Netherlands) on February 12, McLaren HQ (Woking, UK) on February 13, Helsinki (Finland) on February 17, and Copenhagen (Denmark) on February 19.

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The OnePlus Concept One phone has three cameras on the back. The phone uses a colour-shifting glass called electrochromic glass with organic particles. These particles create various tints when subjected to an electrical field. When a different voltage is applied, the light transmission properties are altered, which allows the glass to shift from transparent to translucent and vice-versa. This hides and reveals the triple camera setup on the back.

Additionally, the OnePlus Concept One's design integrates both glass and leather, which is the same stylish, premium quality leather tailored for McLaren cars. Recently, Counterpoint Research had reported that OnePlus emerged as the leader in the Indian premium smartphone category in the third quarter of 2019. The Indian premium smartphone is the one which retails at more than or equal to Rs 30,000.

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