Paytm First Games user base grows to 45 million in 2019

By Xite - January 2, 2020
Paytm First Games, Paytm’s gaming platform, has announced that its user base has grown to 45 million in 2019. It claimed that users played over 72.5 crore games on the app. First Captains garnered t....

Paytm First Games, a joint venture between One97 Communications (that owns the brand Paytm) and AG Tech Holdings, has announced that they have crossed over 45 million registered users in 2019 inclusive of all genres of games. The app now has over 200 games, including Tic Tac Toe, Jump Jump, Ludo, card games and fantasy sports. As per Gamestats, in 2019, users played over 72.5 crore games on the app.

In 2019, the total time spent on Paytm First Games app by gamers was 7,700 years. Collectively, the players won Rs 485.16 crores in winning amount and Rs 12.59 crores was the biggest amount won by a single Paytm First Games Winner. The platform announced that the game First Captains, which was introduced on the Paytm First Games platform during World Cup 2019, garnered a massive jump in the popularity of fantasy cricket with total time spent over more than 28.5 lakh minutes.

Paytm First Games platform has more than 200 games, and has prizes worth over Rs 10 crore. The prize money is then added to Paytm wallet and from there it can be utilised by the player. A leading gaming destination in the country, the platform is expanding its customer base in India. ‘With that, we say thanks & goodbye to 2019. It was a wild-wild year. We want to give the best of mobile gaming to you guys, so we’re enthralled to enter 2020 because a lot remains to be aspired & achieved,’ the team said. You can click here to know more about the platform.

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