PUBG Mobile 0.15 update to come with Halloween goodies, new payload mode

By Xite - October 15, 2019
The PUBG Mobile 0.15 update will come with additional features such as a recall system, new parachute trail, new weapons and a halloween mode. Update before October 22 to get 2000 BP.

PUBG Mobile will be updated to 0.15 today and it will bring with it new features, improvements and Halloween goodies. As we have seen with previous updates, the PUBG Mobile servers will be down for maintenance before the official rollout begins. PUBG has asked users to update to 0.15 before October 22 to get the Parachute Trail and 2,000 BP. Here are the new features coming with PUBG Mobile 0.15.



Payload Mode

The 0.15 update will bring a new ‘Payload Mode’ which brings ‘Teammate Recall’ feature that will let players pick up dead team members’ ID cards and revive them at the Communication Tower. The weapons in the Payload Mode include RPG-7, M3E1-A, M79 Grenade Launcher and M134 Minigun. Players would also be able to find helicopters and use them in battle.

Survive Till Dawn – Halloween Mode

The PUBG Mobile’s ‘Survive Till Dawn’ will also be greeted with a Halloween makeover. Players will be offered ‘Halloweenised’ monsters to fight with and will also get modified skybox, colours and background objects.

Weapon, vehicles

The 0.15 update brings with it a new weapon ‘Desert Eagle’. Available in all maps, the Desert Eagle is claimed to have the highest damage and muzzle velocity among all pistols. You can also attach Mira Red Dot, Holographic Sight, magazines and Laser Sight on it.

The company has rolled out a new BRDM-2 Amphibious Armored vehicle, which is well equipped for water and also offers bulletproof tires. The new vehicle will be available in all maps.

New features

The update is also said to bring ledge grab in the game wherein players will be able to climb between buildings and containers and also jump in mid-air. A new feature will make fuel drums explode and damage nearby players when bullets or throwables are fired.

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