PUBG Mobile Lite gets Halloween version of the hit Survive Till Dawn mode

By Xite - October 24, 2019
PUBG Mobile Lite players have been made available with 0.14.6 content update that will allow them to check out the new spooky Halloween-themed content, new weapons and rewards in the Halloween version....

PUBG Mobile Lite players will soon get an update after which they will have to cope up with Pumpkin Zombies. With the PUBG Mobile Lite 0.14.6 content update installed on their phones, players can now check out the new spooky Halloween-themed content, including new game modes, rewards and items for free on the App Store and Google Play. 

The content update delivers a Halloween version of the hit Survive Till Dawn mode where players must work together with their teammates to survive three days and two nights. During the day periods, players can loot for supplies, including the new M134 Minigun and Flamethrower. At night, a flow of Pumpkin Zombies must be subdued until evacuation to unlock new exclusive achievements.

In addition to the updated Survive Till Dawn mode, several features have been added to improve upon PUBG MOBILE LITE’s gameplay experience. New features include:

  1. Open Character System: Players can now suit up as the new character ‘Victor’ in Survive Till Dawn to gain experience and open crates for outfits and more. Victor boasts a reduced reload time passive ability for sub-machine guns
  2. Video Rewards: New daily rewards including outfits, BC and more are available to unlock by watching videos in the purchase page.
  3. Expedited Game Entry: There is a now a quick entry option in the main menu which allows players to dive into the recommended game modes.
  4. Halloween Main Menu Theme: The in-game main menu has been decorated with a festive Halloween theme.
  5. Updated Winner Pass feature: Added Pass Mission Card to directly complete a Pass Mission and friend assistance feature.
  6. New Weapons: Three powerful new weapons are now available for players to deal additional damage, including:
  • Sawed-Off: The 12 gauge shotgun that can hold two rounds, and can be equipped with a choke and holds the pistol weapon slot.
  • M134 Minigun: Available only in Survive Till Dawn and obtained by killing zombies, this heavy weapon has up to 200 rounds of ammunition and a rate of fire equal to that of an assault rifle.
  • Flamethrower: Also available in Survive Till Dawn and unlocked by killing zombies, this weapon uses fuel as ammunition and has an effective range of about 10 meters. It can damage all targets within the spray range.
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