PUBG Mobile Season 10 will get a character who loves cars: Report

By Xite - November 7, 2019
PUBG Mobile Season 10 will have a new character called Sara, and she will be an auto expert, a media report has said. The new season, called ‘Fury of the Wasteland’, will offer new skins for parac....

We all know that PUBG Mobile Season 10 will ‘land’ on November 9, and the media is reporting that the next season will bring a female character who loves vehicles, especially cars. The character, which may be called Sara, was previously rumoured to be a new voice chat model. It is also being said that Sara will also have a unique tactical advantage, which could be an expert driver.

According to a video by YouTuber MrGhostGaming, Sara will be similar to Victor -- another character with special abilities. Victor is a ‘submachine gun geek’ as he takes less time in reloading all of the SMG weapons that he uses. Just like in the case of Victor, Sara will also have different costumes. Sara will have catchphrases like, ‘You’re as important to me as an engine in a car,’ and ‘Whether it’s taking cars apart or fixing them, I can do it all.’


Sara is said to be a vehicle expert who loves automobiles, and ‘excels at reinforcing vehicles, so that they take less damage when she drives or is riding in a vehicle.’ This advantage can only be used the new Payload Mode and Team Deathmatch. Payload Mode is a specific mode in PUBG Mobile in which the players get additional features like helicopters, as well as heavy weapons like rocket launchers and grenade launchers. Gamers can also revive dead team members in this mode.

PUBG Intext Payload Mode

The Season 10, which will be called ‘Fury of the Wasteland’, will feature a Mad Max Fury-like desert background. The new season will be available with two passes, namely Elite Pass and Elite Plus Pass. It will also offer new skins for parachutes, the M249 and the M416 assault rifle. The Dacia vehicle is also tipped to get a new skin.

Additionally, the new Team Deathmatch mode is set in a rainforest with dense vegetation and a maze of paths zigging through ancient ruins. The 'Ruins' map will challenge players to go head-to-head with enemies, set up a stronghold or employ team tactics. In this mode, users can respawn at random coordinates, allowing for even more intense battles as this mode enables shorter gameplay time.

The new update will also introduce new weapon and vehicles exclusive in Vikendi. While the new MP5K portable SMG will feature a rate-of-fire at 900 RPM, a new vehicle Zima will allow for new strategies as it is easier to drive in a snowy terrain and not easily damaged.

The players will also get their first-ever companion on November 11 with 'The Falcon' that will accompany players throughout the battlefield. The content update of 0.15.5 version also includes:

  • Added tier protection for Platinum and Crown Tiers in season system
  • Updated 8-day rewards
  • Revised Arcade Mode availability
  • Team recruitment channel improvements
  • Added clan status detail
  • Team-up recommendations for missions
  • Additional in-game optimisations
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