PUBG Mobile update 0.16.5: Season 11 may get snow bike, Domination Mode

By Xite - January 3, 2020
PUBG Mobile update 0.16.5 is set to roll out in a few days, and as per the reports, the Season 11 will have  new skins, missions, Royale Pass benefits, weapons, vehicles, weapon attachments, and the ....

PUBG Mobile Season 10 will end on January 7, which means that the developers will roll out the next update soon. Just like every season, the next season is also expected to bring new skins, missions, and Royale Pass. If PUBG Mobile tipster Mr Ghost Gaming is to be believed, the company will reveal additions that are already available in the beta, the 0.16.5 update. According to IGN India, PUBG Mobile Season 11 is expected to begin on January 5 and will feature new weapons, vehicles, weapon attachments, and a companion system.

Reports suggest that a new vehicle, which is likely to be a snow bike, could be added to Vikendi, replacing the regular motorbike. There is a new Domination mode, which is similar to the one in Call of Duty: Mobile. In this mode, players are divided into two teams, and they have to capture three points, A, B, and C. A new point will be unlocked at the time interval of 3 minutes and 40 seconds. The team that will capture the highest number of points will be declared the winner. This game mode may be included in a new map called Town.

A Classic Team Deathmatch Mode named Arena Training may also be added in the next update. Here, players won’t need to select their loadout – they can pick up weapons from the lobby. A previous report claimed that Season 11 will introduce skins for MK14, parachute, and new characters. Images making rounds on Reddit includes an outfit, an MK14 skin, and a parachute skin with a red, white, and black colour scheme. The MK14 and parachute skins also have an ‘S11’ sticker on them.

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