PUBG Mobile will ban cheaters for 10 years, 3500 players suspended in September alone

By Xite - October 7, 2019
PUBG Mobile has announced that in its ongoing effort to curb cheating within the game, it is now introducing a 10-year ban on those players found in violation of the gaming standards. It also said tha....

For those who think they can cheat or use hacks and win chicken dinner in PUBG Mobile, beware! the developers are taking a note of it. PUBG Mobile has now announced that if they find a player using unfair means during a game, they will ban him/her for 10 years. And if you think they are bluffing, you are wrong. To put things in perspective, PUBG Mobile have announced that it has banned 3500 players in September alone.

'PUBG Mobile has always taken a serious note on criticism pertaining to gamers using unfair means to win the game. In its ongoing effort to curb cheating within the game, the company has declared a 10-year ban to ensure that the gaming experience of each player is pleasant, fun, and fair. PUBG Mobile is addressing this issue on a monthly basis, ensuring its players of a fair gaming environment,' it said in a statement.
For the unaware, the use of unauthorised third-party apps or hacks provide unfair advantage to a player. Those banned were found to be using virtual apps and cheating tools during the game. Some of them even modified the in-game data or were found cheating with auto-aiming. You can see the complete list of banned players here. If you find someone cheating, you also have the option to report them using the in-game reporting system.

In a PUBG Mobile-related news, the developers recently released a version for the Lite version of the game in India. PUBG Mobile Lite players have already started getting the 0.14.1 version with massive content update. The update includes a new map, weapons and gears. Players worldwide can now drop into Golden Woods map that is claimed to have a tight battleground setting. This means that it offers small towns to loot and shoot in, and a unique shrubbery for combat scenarios. You can read about it here.

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