PUBG Mobile’s ‘Mysterious Jungle’ Mode to Release on June 1

By Xite - May 28, 2020
PUBG Mobile has revealed the date for the release of its newest mode – The Jungle Adventure. This mode, which is exclusive to the Sanhok map, will start rolling out to users via an update on 1st Jun....

Gaming has played a vital role in keeping the youth entertained in their homes during the COVID-19 lockdown, especially mobile gaming. PUBG Mobile has had a prominent role in keeping the players invested with the new modes and competition it has had to offer.

In a tweet posted on Wednesday, 27 May 2020, PUBG Mobile teased the arrival of a new mode called the ‘Mysterious Jungle’. The tweet announcing the Mysterious Jungle mode on PUBG Mobile consists of an image that reveals two players looking at a map of Sanhok indicating that the newest mode might just be available to the Sanhok map. The Teasers also indicates that it will be based on the notion of a treasure hunt. It was added as part of the 0.18.0 update earlier this month and it will finally be going live next month. Some of the players while playing the classic match will be casually be put into the new mode.



Though the treasure-hunt continues, the players will have to watch out for enemies and defeat them to keep going ahead. While a normal match continues, certain rip-roaring additions like hot air balloons, jungle food, and totems will appear while playing the game.

The Mysterious Jungle Mode will be an extension to the plenty of new gameplay modes PUBG Mobile has offered in the last couple of months. The earlier update popularized a new Blue Zone based mode, which kept moving the blue zones in all directions to make the game more vying.

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