Quibi is a new-age streaming service that offers episodes of 10 minutes or less

By Xite - April 6, 2020
Quibi, an app that offers episodes of 10 minutes of less, has launched in India. The 90-day trial period of the app is available, and after the trial period is over, you will have to pay Rs 669 per mo....

Netflix recently released the fourth part of Money Heist, and a lot of people went online to binge-watch the entire season, which has a run-time of about eight hours. But what if, there’s an option to get full entertainment in an episode of only 10 minutes or less? No, we are not discrediting the typical original show format but talking about Quibi – a new type of content streaming service that offers short episodes, or as the company puts it ‘quick-bite original content’.

Two well-known personalities – American film producer Jeffrey Katzenberg and former eBay CEO Meg Whitman – have invested in the service. Katzenberg is the Founder and Chairman of the Board, and Whitman serves as the CEO of the platform, which is available for a 90-day free trial. After that, users have to pay Rs 669 per month to continue watching its content, which includes genres like drama, comedy, documentaries, news, and sports.

Quibi Intext

The mobile streaming service reportedly raised $1.75 billion and will have content from filmmakers like Steven Spielberg, Guillermo del Toro, Lena Waithe, and Catherine Hardwick. It was launched in India with nearly 50 shows, including ‘Chrissy’s Court’, ‘Shape of Pasta’, and a docu series ‘Prodigy’. It will reportedly have 175 shows in its first year. It will also have news clips from BBC, NBC News, among other publishers.

According to the description of the app, it has a unique feature that allows users to watch content in either landscape or portrait orientation. ‘You’re in full control of what you watch, and how you watch it. Vertical, horizontal; no matter how you hold your phone, everything is framed to fit your screen,’ the description reads. Also, you can download episodes in case you want to watch its content offline.

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