Sony launches in-car AV receiver XAV-AX5000

By Anuj Sharma - June 18, 2018
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XAV-AX5000 enables smarter driving and aids to navigate, communicate and play music from user’s phone with intelligent voice control for every journey when connected through Android Auto and Apple C....

Sony India today launched an in-car AV receiver XAV-AX5000 that comes with 6.95-inch capacitive touch screen, smartphone integration and improved usability.

“XAV-AX5000 is ergonomically designed with key terminal that gives instant access to the basic operation that includes source selections and sound adjustments while minimizing distractions. The rear chassis is designed with single-DIN dimensions that give enough room to store connected cable harnesses, steering wheel control adopter, and more. The XAV-AX5000 boasts 23 per cent shorter depth in comparison with the XAV-AX100,” the company said.

With Apple CarPlay, one can use iPhone in the car in a smarter, safer way (Maps not available in Apple CarPlay in India yet). When connected users can make phone calls, access their music, and send and receive messages.

The AV receiver also supports Sony’s proprietary EXTRA BASS technology incorporating 2-mode boost steps that allows for both delicate and heavy boost settings. A built-in 4-channel amplifier delivers 55 watts x 4(max. at 4 ohms) output power with DRA2 (Dynamic Reality Amp 2) power IC.

The new XAV-AX5000 also features the DSO (Dynamic Stage Organizer), 10-band equalizer (EQ10) with 10 pre-sets provides easy and effective frequency adjustment for various listening environments. It also supports Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) Audio File Compatibility (via USB terminal only) which is an audio format similar to MP3, but with the difference that it compresses without any loss in quality.

And thanks to dual USB ports in XAV-AX5000, users can now hook up various storage devices to play from any music library while connecting smartphone for Apple CarPlay or Android Auto.

Priced at Rs 24,990, XAV-AX5000 is available for purchase at car accessories shops and various car showrooms across India.


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