Spotify Meets AI: You Can Now Make Playlists with Just a Text Prompt, Here's How

By Reetika Bhatt - April 9, 2024
With text prompts, Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to make an Al playlist. This allows them to express themselves creatively through their music taste or connect with their favourite musician....

Nowadays, a majority of tech companies across the globe are ensuring that people access AI elements throughout their digital interactions. In line with this, Spotify, the world's most renowned audio and music streaming provider, has just unveiled a new AI tool for its users. The new beta tool allows users to generate curated playlists based on text prompts. This comes after the firm experimented with AI playlist production in its DJ feature last year. With new AI-powered capabilities that offer uniquely personalised music experiences, Spotify aims to elevate music streaming to a new level. Notably, the new AI Playlist beta is now available to Spotify Premium users on iOS and Android mobile devices in the United Kingdom and Australia. 

Spotify AI Playlist Feature: Key Details 

Spotify introduced the new Al feature for the app in a blog post. Regarding the technology underlying the AI function, Spotify revealed that it is interpreting user requests using large language models (LLMs). This can now be integrated with Spotify's current personalisation algorithms to create unique playlists in response to certain cues. These algorithms analyse a user's listening history and preferences. A variety of external AI and machine learning techniques were used in creating this feature.

With text prompts, Spotify Premium subscribers will be able to make an Al playlist. This allows them to express themselves creatively through their music taste or connect with their favourite musicians or artists. The prompt may incorporate several genres, eras, artists, and moods. On top of that, users can add elements like locations, colours, activities, emojis, and movie characters. 

Moreover, Spotify provided some suggestions for prompts, like "a playlist that makes me feel like the main character" and "an indie folk playlist to give my brain a big warm hug": The blog post mentioned: "AI Playlist pairs our powerful personalisation technology with Al to deliver that perfect musical mix just for you." Although Spotify adds that the tool will provide consumers with new ways to interact with music, it should be noted that the AI is currently in development and might not react to requests unrelated to music or inappropriate content. 

Spotify AI Playlist Feature: How to Use it?

Here's how you can enjoy the new Spotify AI Playlist feature on your smartphone. 

Spotify AI Playlist1

- To use the AI Playlist function, go to the Spotify mobile app and tap "Your Library" in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

- Within Your Library, tap on the "+" icon in the app's top-right corner and select "AI Playlist."

- You can then select from recommended prompts or write your own. The prompts might be specific and creative, such as "melancholic tunes for painting wilting flowers" or "soundtrack for a sunset horseback ride."

- After opting for a prompt, Spotify's algorithm will create a playlist based on the selected vibe. You can further customise your playlists by previewing and eliminating tracks. You can submit feedback to AI Playlist to improve its selection as well, such as asking for "more pop" or "less upbeat" music.

- By selecting "Create," the newly curated playlist will be saved to your Library.

Spotify subscribers can anticipate more customised and delightful music experiences in the coming months as the feature is further refined and rolled out for new regions. Thus, Spotify's Al Playlist has got you covered whether you're looking for an ideal jam for a lazy afternoon or an upbeat mix to motivate you during an extensive workout.

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