This is how Twitter’s new conversation feature might look like

By Xite - November 29, 2019
Twitter has been working on a conversation tree feature since long and it has now introduced some changes to the version that we have already seen. The changes were spotted by app researcher Jane Manc....

The fact that Twitter is working on a conversation tree feature is not hidden. In fact, given the hype in the media corridors, people are all the more restless and excited to use it. We now have some development on it that you might like. Twitter has been spotted testing the new conversations feature on the main website and is likely to roll it out next year. Although there’s no specific date or month, but at least we know that the feature is in its final stages.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong spotted the conversation tree and posted a small video on Twitter. According to the video, the user interface is pretty basic with replies stacked one below the other and includes the ability to let users click on any tweet to focus on it. Twitterati is finding the feature akin to Reddit. Twitter told TechCrunch that the changes are part of a larger update of Twttr features coming to Twitter.




Conversations trees were first seen in Twttr -- Twitter's beta testing app. The motive of Twttr is to experiment a feature, take feedback from a group of people and then introduce tweaks to the that feature before rolling out any major changes to the main platform for masses. However, not all features are released for the public, which essentially means that whatever Wong discovered may not be there in the final version of the conversation tree.

In September, Twitter rolled out a new pin list feature that allows iOS users to pin five lists in their timeline. For example, if you use more than one account, swiping between the two accounts can now be done directly from the home screen. Twitter iOS users can now group co-workers and friends into different lists, and then with a swipe, they can just view tweets from each individual list.

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