Truecaller AI Call Scanner Feature Launched, Here's Why You Need it

By Sanorita - May 30, 2024
For Now, only Android users in the US can use the AI Call Scanner. The feature will be released in other markets, including India soon. Let's take a quick look at its capabilities in detail.

Truecaller has launched an innovative feature called the AI Call Scanner to combat the increasing cases of scam calls generated by AI. The feature, as its name suggests, can identify different kinds of artificial intelligence (AI)-generated fake voices or altered/modified voices. It's no secret that the use of AI voice cloning is growing quickly, making it simpler for criminals to clone voices and dupe people. With the most recent version of the app (version 14.6 for Android), Truecaller has added a new feature for its Premium subscribers to assist them in determining if the voice of the person they are speaking to is real or artificial intelligence (AI) created. The feature is currently available in the United States; other regions, including India, will receive it later.

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How Does AI Call Scanner Work?

According to the company, its newly released Truecaller AI Call Scanner tool can examine a caller's voice in real time and release the results in a couple of seconds. It records the caller's voice for a brief period and then uses an internal AI model to identify whether the caller is using AI to con the user. The company's artificial intelligence model has been programmed to comprehend the distinct features of human speech and differentiate it from sounds produced by AI.

How To Use AI Call Scanner?

Here's how to avoid falling for an AI phone scam by using the AI phone Scanner:

Step 1: Make Truecaller your default calling app.

Step 2: When you get a suspicious call, click on Start AI Detection.

Step 3: The AI will record the voice and put the call on wait for a little while.

Step 4: Await the notification that reads 'Analyzing' to know that the caller's voice is being examined by the AI model.

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Step 5: During the call, you will receive a notification indicating whether the person you are conversing with is real, marked as 'AI Voice Detected' or 'Human Detected'.

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