Twitter 'Lights Out' feature now available to Android users

By Xite - October 21, 2019
Twitter is now bringing the Lights Out feature to Android users. The feature first rolled out to iOS users requires users running Twitter alpha version 8.19.0-alpha.03 on the Twitter’s Android app.

Six months after Twitter rolled out ‘Lights Out’ – an OLED friendly dark mode to iOS users, the micro-blogging website is now making the said feature available to all its Android users in Twitter’s alpha version.

The main difference between the ‘Lights Out’ mode and the dark mode theme rolled with the Android 10 is that the former turns the UI of the app to true black instead of a dark blue hue in the latter. One another advantage of the ‘Lights Out’ feature is that this mode a wonderful job at power consumption on Android smartphones that sport an OLED display.

Hers is how to enable ‘Lights Out’ mode

If you are using Twitter on the alpha version on Android, you will find the option to enable the lights out dark mode under the Settings and Privacy -- Display and sound -- Dark mode appearance menu.

The ‘Lights Out’ mode is available to users running Twitter alpha version 8.19.0-alpha.03 on the Twitter’s Android app. With this mode, you will be able to switch a light coloured theme to a completely dark theme of your choice depending on your time zone.

As of now, there is no official statement as to when the automatic dark mode will be officially rolled out to Android.

The dark mode which has now become a trend for apps and smartphones has been claimed to have certain benefits including less strain on the eyes thanks to the reduced emission of blue light, reduced power consumption as all the pixels are turned to black.

In September, Twitter rolled out a new pin list feature, which allows iOS users to pin five lists in their timeline. For instance, if you use more than one account, swiping between the two accounts can now be done directly from your home screen.

Twitter iOS users can now group co-workers and friends in addition to the family members into different lists, and then with a swipe, they can just view tweets from each individual list.

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