Upcoming LG smartphone to sport ‘Raindrop’ camera

By Xite - April 9, 2020
Shifting from the previous LG smartphones design, the new phone will have a complete new outlook. It will come with a 'raindrop' style camera featuring smaller lenses and would have symmetrical curves....

Be it the LG G7, the V40, the G8, or the V50, the LG line-up of smartphones look similar to each other unless you remember how many cameras are present in these smartphones. But, with the upcoming LG smartphone, the South Korean giant appears to have changed things, for the company says that it will altogether have a new design language.

The upcoming LG smartphone is said to come with a ‘Raindrop’ camera and would feature front-back symmetrical curves. What this means is that contrary to the ongoing trend of a square-shaped camera module present on many of today’s high-end smartphones, the upper-left corner of the LG phone’s backside will host three rear cameras and an LED flash in descending order by size – they are meant to evoke images of falling raindrops.

The main camera sits slightly above the surface, while the other two lenses lie seamlessly under the smooth glass. LG says that this layout offers the added benefit of taking up less space on the rear of the phone for a cleaner, sleeker overall look.

Lg Smartphone New

Another new design treatment, which will make its debut in the upcoming device is 3D Arc Design, wherein the edges of the display and the rear are symmetrically curved, giving a much more natural feeling than previous LG phones when you hold the device in your hand.

‘Our upcoming smartphone will draw on the rich history of classic LG designs, which have always been distinctive at first touch. This handset will be a first-look at the competitive edge we will be bringing to every LG smartphone going forward,’ said Cha Yong-duk, Head of LG’s Mobile Communications Design Lab.

According to the Korean news portal Naver, LG will launch a phone on May 15, which is said to come with Qualcomm’s mid-range Snapdragon 765 with integrated 5G.

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