Users can now add photo, video, GIFs to Retweet

By Xite - May 7, 2019
According to Twitter, the new Retweet update required teamwork and collaboration across multiple teams. Starting today, you can retweet with a photo, a GIF or a video to really make your reaction pop.

Starting today, Twitter users can add a photo, a video or a GIF to their retweet or quoted tweets. The new update has been rolled out globally on iOS, Android and on Twitter’s mobile website. The addition of new multimedia features will boost the amount of media shared on the platform.

Before the update, users could only add text while retweeting. With the new update, the retweet feature will increase the amount of the non-text content on your Twitter timeline. Adding media to a retweet is simple – just tap the ‘retweet with comment’ option and then select the image or GIF icon in the toolbar.

Twitter, which was first launched as the public SMS-type platform, has now evolved into a very media rich platform. Twitter recently added live streaming video from users and media partners, audio broadcasting and has also doubled the character limit to 280. Twitter hopes that the new changes will help the micro-blogging website increase both its users’ time on the platform and its ad revenue – something witch which Twitter has been struggling from the past few years.

In March, Twitter added a standalone camera feature in its mobile app that makes it easier for users to share what’s happening around them. A single tap on the camera button captures a photo and a long press starts a video recording for up to two minutes.

Earlier this year, Twitter introduced reverse-chronological timeline for Android device users, allowing them to switch to the timeline as per their choice.


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