Users can now read lyrics on YouTube Music app on iOS, Android

By Xite - March 25, 2020
Popular streaming website YouTube today announced that YouTube Music users can now read lyrics while listening to a song on the iOS and Android apps of the service. YouTube Music was launched lasy yea....

In a new update, streaming website YouTube has announced that users can now read lyrics while listening to a song on the YouTube Music app on iOS and Android.

If a song is playing, and you want to read its lyrics, just head to the ‘i’ button located on the left side of the screen and the lyrics will show up under the tracking bar for the song.


Youtube Music Lyric

Earlier, Apple Music and Spotify have also rolled out lyrics reading ability in their apps. And while these apps offer lyrics forward functionality to advance lyrics as the song is playing in the real-time on a few songs, all of YouTube Music’s lyrics capability is static right now and you have to manually scroll down the lyrics if you want to read it along as the track advances.

While most of the songs have been updated to show their lyrics, you might find a few songs without lyrics. Why, because according to YouTube, the lyrics are being updated from LyricFind on a daily basis. YouTube didn’t share a timeline for how long it might take to source lyrics for those songs that are yet to be updated.

The lyrics reading functionality is only available on the app version and aren’t supported in the YouTube Music’s web player right now. YouTube, however, said that the feature will be rolled out for the web version soon.

Launched last year, YouTube Music gives users access to a wide library of music but with ads. There is also a premium version, which doesn’t have ads. YouTube Premium allows you to stream videos in the background even if your phone is locked.

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