WhatsApp Dark Theme on Android almost ready, iOS version needs tweaks: Report

By Xite - November 12, 2019
WhatsApp features watcher WABetainfo has found that the Dark Theme is in its final stages of development and it needs a little tweaking on both the Android and iOS versions. The release date of the fe....

There has been a lot going on around WhatsApp and in the latest development, it has been revealed that the development of much-anticipated Dark Theme is in its final stages. Folks at WABetainfo say that there is no release date available of the launch of the feature on both platforms (iOS and Android), but ‘it seems that we're closer to get the Dark Theme in WhatsApp.’ WABetainfo also listed some of the problems that are still present in the beta versions of the feature on both the platforms.

First on Android. The Dark Theme on the Google-owned OS is said to be almost perfect. A few areas that need adjustment are some icons like double ticks. WhatsApp recently implemented a Default Dark Wallpaper hinting that the feature may be rolled out soon. When it comes to iOS, the Dark Theme needs tweaking for some labels and cells background as some cells are still white. There seems to be a problem with Dark Bubbles that crashed the app.




The news follows a development in which several users complained that the WhatsApp on their phones is draining battery more than it used to. Both Android and iOS users said that the issue arose after they updated the app.



Last week, WhatsApp confirmed that Pegasus spyware was used to snoop on Indian journalists and human rights activists, and their phones were under surveillance for two weeks during the 2019 General Elections in May 2019. Pegasus is a product developed by the Israeli company NSO Group that develops technology for governments to fight terrorism and crime. The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform alleged that over 1,400 users were under surveillance by the spyware.

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