Xbox One now works with Google Assistant

By Xite - September 27, 2019
With Google Assistant support now available on the Xbox One, Google is offering an extra companion for you while gaming. You can use the Assistant to launch games and apps, pause vidoes.

Google Assistant has now been enabled on the Microsoft Xbox One console, and, similar to the existing Alexa integration, consumers can use the Google Assistant to launch games and apps, turn on/off the console, pause videos and capture fun in-game moments.

The Google Assistant won’t run directly on the Xbox One, instead, it will be asked to do things from other Assistant enabled-devices, meaning, you’ll have to use the Google Assistant app either on iOS or Android or a device like Google’s Home with Assistant on it to control the Xbox One.

‘Available in beta starting today, your Xbox One now works with the Google Assistant, letting you control your gaming experience by voice with any Google Assistant-enabled smart speaker or smart display, like the Google Nest Hub Max or any Android mobile device,’ Google said in a blog post.

With the new Assistant support on Xbox One, you can ask the Assistant to launch a game, and your console will automatically turn on and load the game. You can also easily search for games by voice, so there’s no more need to use the on-screen keyboard. The Assistant will also take a screenshot or record video of your gameplay. Simply say ‘Hey Google, take a screenshot on Xbox,’ and your in-game moment will be captured, which you can also share with your friends.

You can even launch media apps from your console with the help of Assistant. For instance, if you want to watch a show or stream some music in between games, just say, ‘Hey Google, open Netflix on Xbox.’

The beta is only available in English on devices that support Google Assistant. Google in the next few months plans to expand the functionality to more languages. To view the full list of commands, setup instructions, or troubleshooting steps, please visit the Xbox Insider subreddit.

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