You can now access Instagram DMs on web

By Xite - April 13, 2020
The feature would particularly help people including influencers, social media managers, reporters, etc. which respond to hundreds of messages in a day. You can also double tap to like a post.

Popular instant messaging app Instagram, in a new update, now allows users to send/access direct messages from their browser. The update has been rolled out to everyone globally.

The company was reported testing the feature in January with a select group of users. The final version offers nearly the same experience as during testing, like including the emoji keyboard and adding a gallery view to photos and videos. Additionally, uses can double-tap to like a message, share photos from the desktop, and see the number of unread messages. The web version also offers you to turn on/off notifications. And if you turn on desktop DM notifications, you’ll be able to receive them in the browser you’re using to access the platform.

Instagram Dm Web

Similar to how the users who use WhatsApp web, web DMs would be convenient for people who use Instagram all the time, like reporters, influencers, and social media managers. The web access to DMs would offer an easy and fast way to communicate privately on the platform, in a situation where someone is trying to respond to possibly hundreds of messages a day. Responding to such a frequency of messages would be tiring when typing on a small screen of a smartphone.

A few users have also reported that Instagram Live streams can now be viewed on the web. According to a report in Engadget, users reported the familiar experience supporting two-person streams, but streams on the web take advantage of the big screen to keep comments separate from the video.

You should keep in mind that you can only view a stream on web, and you can’t start a broadcast from your desktop, which means this isn’t a proper alternative to other web-friendly live streaming services.

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