You can now pay YouTube, YouTube Music subscription charges through UPI

By Xite - April 15, 2020
YouTube has introduced UPI payment option for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium subscriptions. Apart from credit and debit card options, users can now use any UPI app to make payments in these....

In what could be called adding convenience to make payments, YouTube has launched UPI as a new form of payment for both YouTube and YouTube Music subscriptions. It essentially means that those users who have subscribed to YouTube and YouTube Music will now be able to pay the subscription charges through their UPI ID. This is in addition to the earlier options of making payments through credit and debit cards.

The new way will enable users to make their transactions, directly from their bank account, using their unique UPI ID. ‘Users of all UPI apps can now use the UPI payment option on YouTube to purchase monthly or quarterly prepaid subscriptions for YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium, buy and rent their favourite movies, as well as pay for features like SuperChat and Channel Memberships to engage with and support their favourite YouTube creators,’ the company said in a statement.

YouTube Intext

The YouTube Premium subscription can be purchased for Rs 129 a month, and YouTube Music Premium is available for Rs 99 per month. You will get YouTube Music Premium bundled if you purchase the YouTube Premium subscription. Moreover, the company also offers a Family Plan for Rs 189 in which a total of up to six people can share one subscription. 

YouTube also has cheaper plans for eligible students who can avail YouTube Music at Rs 59 per month or YouTube Premium at Rs 79 per month. There are prepaid plans under which YouTube Premium can be subscribed for Rs 139 for a month and Rs 399 for three months. Similarly, for YouTube Music Premium, users have to pay Rs 109 for a month and Rs 309 for three months.

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