YouTube launches Premium, Music Premium prepaid plans in India

By Xite - November 19, 2019
YouTube has launched prepaid plans for the service and/or YouTube Music in India. Those who wish to subscribe can choose plans for one month or three months. The prepaid plan for YouTube Premium start....

Few months after launching its music streaming service, YouTube has now announced prepaid plans for the platform as well as YouTube Music. Users in India can now use their local credit or debit card from Visa or Mastercard, to purchase either a one-month or three-month prepaid plan of the YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium. These plans are currently available through Android devices and the Web.

‘With these new plans for India, users can now purchase prepaid plans without enrolling in an ongoing subscription and enhance their viewing and listening  experience with all the paid membership benefits for the period that they pay for. At any point, users will also be to extend their paid benefits  by an additional 1-month or 3-months by purchasing additional top-ups for their membership,’ Pawan Agarwal, Head of Music Content Partnerships, India and South Asia, said in a statement.

The prepaid plan for YouTube Premium is Rs 139 for a month and Rs 399 for three months. Similarly, if you want to subscribe YouTube Music Premium, you have to shell out Rs 109 for a month and Rs 309 for three months. To sign-up for a pre-paid plan, follow the sign-up instructions for a YouTube Premium or YouTube Music Premium membership.

In monthly billing plans, the YouTube Premium subscription can be purchased for Rs 129 a month, and YouTube Music Premium is available for Rs 99 per month. YouTube also offers a free one-month trial. You can also choose the family plan in which you can add five more people (total six members), for Rs 189. YouTube also has cheaper plans for students. Eligible students can avail YouTube Music at Rs 59 per month or YouTube Premium at Rs 79 per month.

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