YouTube Shorts Creators May Soon be able to Use AI-Generated Green-screen Background

By Sanorita - June 5, 2024
YouTube, owned by Google, hasn't released many details regarding the new Dream Screen feature. Only a small number of Shorts creators have access to this experimental functionality.

Google-owned YouTube is evaluating a new feature called Dream Screen that will create green screen backgrounds for Shorts using artificial intelligence. Although a precise launch date has not been announced, the Dream Screen is expected to be available soon to all users. It is currently in the testing or beta phase, with access limited to a few YouTube Shorts creators. With the help of this AI-powered tool, content creators will be able to give their minute-long vertical video format a little more flair by replacing monotonous backgrounds. Read on to find out more about the new feature.

Dream Screen: Here's What We Know

According to the information posted on the platform's support page, Dream Screen is an experimental AI-generated tool from YouTube that 'Brings your imagination to life. It generates unique images and videos based on text-based prompts that you can easily add as a green screen background to your Short.' As of now, the company hasn't disclosed many specifics about its most recent feature, like the AI model that's being used or the limitations on producing AI pictures. The content creators in the Dream Screen experiment group can access the functionality by following the below-cited steps.

Step 1: Go to the YouTube application.

Step 2: Click the plus sign (Create). 

Step 3: Tap the 'Green screen' button in the menu on the right.

Step 4: Choose the purple square symbol with a small star in it from the bottom. After that, generate a picture or a video. 

Step 5: Give an outline of the content you want to create.

Step 6: Click on Create Preview. 

Step 7: Choose and share your video now

For Images: Select a generated image, then record it using the image as a green screen backdrop.
For Videos: Use the created video as a green screen, then record alongside it.

Step 8: After that, you may edit your movie by adding features like a description and privacy settings.

Step 9: To publish, tap Upload Short.

It's essential to keep in mind that text prompts can only be entered in English at this time.

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Other YouTube Developments 

YouTube's Playables feature is now accessible to all users with 75 different free-to-play games. It lets users access a variety of games on the video-streaming service without having to download anything. Earlier, the feature was exclusive to the Premium subscribers. It made its debut in November last year with thirty arcade games, with access limited to YouTube Premium users in a few markets until March 28.

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