Zebronics ZEB-100 fitness band review

By Xite - April 3, 2017
Fitness trackers have become a rage, but what if you can buy one for less than the price of two large pepperoni pizzas. Not only do you save yourself from roughly 2,500 calories, it will prompt you to....

Lightweight, affordable and user friendly, the Zebronics ZEB-Fit100 fitness band sounds too good to be true. We decode it.

Fitness trackers have become a rage, but what if you can buy one for less than the price of two large pepperoni pizzas. Not only do you save yourself from roughly 2,500 calories, it will prompt you to get back into shape. Well, Zebronics recently launched the ZEB-Fit100 fitness band and surprise surprise, it costs less than your favourite pizzas as it is available for only Rs.1,414. Now we all know being affordable doesn’t automatically mean value for money. That’s why we tested the Fit100 for over a month to find out if its worth buying.

The device is very light as it only weighs 25.8 grams. Therefore, it’s easy on wrist and doesn’t feel bulky. It comes with a 0.48-inch OLED display, which a bit small and it takes time getting used to its compact size, but you can easily read notifications and the time. Before we talk about its features, like most fitness trackers, the first thing you have to do is download ZEB-FIT app available on both Android and iOS. Once you sync your smartphone with the Fit100 band, it will record your footsteps, distance traversed and calories burnt. It also gives you an option to switch on alarms, call, SMS and other third party apps like WhatsApp notifications. Good thing is that you can pick and choose what notifications you want to activate. It also comes with ‘Find My Phone’. The Fit100 is extremely user friendly as you can go through all these features with the use of a single button on the side of the device.

Zebronics Zeb-100 Fitness Band Review

The button doubles up as shutter for camera, but unfortunately, the camera option in the Zeb-Fit app captures low resolution photos, which are pixelated at times. The silicon wrist band easily straps around the wrist. The band is available in four different colours — orange, black, blue and grey.

Now coming to how the Fit100 actually performs. Keeping in mind that it’s a budget fitness band, the Fit100 doesn’t come with GPS or a heart rate monitor, therefore, the number of steps it actually reads, one should shave off 200-250 steps. As the Fit100 uses a pedometer, it unfortunately, ends counting almost any movement. Yes, it will count movement of your arms or even any vibration as a step. This is a basic error which most entry level fitness bands have. Therefore, it is important for a fitness band to be equipped with GPS or a heart rate monitor because then it can differentiate physical activities like jogging, cycling or even playing a sport.

The Fit100 comes with an in-built auto sleep monitor, which is quite accurate. It measures your sleep and this activity is classified into three modes — Deep Sleep, Light Sleep and Awake Hours. It also comes with built-in Sedentary reminder that buzzes you to stretch your limbs. It also comes with anti-theft option, where the band starts to vibrate when it loses the Bluetooth connection. This is a very helpful feature.

Priced at Rs.1,414, the Fit100 is definitely a steal. It is a decent entry level buy, which introduces you into the fitness band world and lets you find out if you are comfortable with all the calories monitoring. If you think that this is something you would like to pursue on a long term basis and will help you get back into shape, then you should upgrade to a band that’s more accurate. If it’s just a fad of the season for you, then it’s a painless buy which will not make you feel guilty when its charm runs out.

5.33/ 10
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  • Accuracy 4.0
  • Price 6.0
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