Apple WWDC 2024: iOS 18 Gets Revamped Control Centre, New Customisation Options, and More Updates

By Reetika Bhatt - June 10, 2024
Apple has announced the largest update to the Photos app ever in iOS 18. The app is now optimised to manage the ever-expanding libraries. Facial sorting and the option to pin collections to the top f....

Apple has finally unveiled the eagerly awaited iOS 18 at its yearly Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). In an attempt to capitalise on the excitement surrounding the new technology, phone manufacturers are gradually adding generative AI capabilities to their top models. With enhanced AI features, Google unveiled its flagship Pixel 8 series in the fall of last year. Samsung introduced the Galaxy S24 series, which comes equipped with Galaxy AI, in January. Now, Apple is all set to follow suit with the new iOS 18 and the upcoming iPhone 16. At the ongoing WWDC 2024, Apple has introduced a host of updates and fresh features with the new iOS 18. Let's take a look. 

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Improved Privacy

There are some improved privacy features in iOS 18. To prevent unauthorised access and to keep their data private from searches and other apps, users can lock apps with a PIN or FaceID. Apps within a locked folder can also be hidden. Contact access is now more specific, allowing you to control which contacts an app can access. Moreover, developers will have a new, more secure approach for pairing accessories. These enhancements provide increased control over personal data and app visibility.

Optimised Photos App

As it competes with Google Photos on Android, Apple has announced the largest update to the Photos app ever in iOS 18. The app is now optimised to manage the ever-expanding libraries that many of us have collected over time. Facial sorting and the option to pin collections to the top for easier access are features included in it. On top of that, photos will automatically combine people and pets more effectively into groupings that you can explore using the app's new carousel view.

More Customisation

iOS 18 includes several significant customisations. To improve accessibility, customers may now personalise their iPhones with new wallpaper, icons, and widget configurations, including side and dock placements. A new Dark mode design and a customisation sheet for app icon tint colours, as suggested by wallpaper schemes, provide greater personalisation. Control Centre has also received substantial modifications, such as the ability to swipe across several control groups, including media playback and home controls. This upgrade resembles Android's Material You design language. Regardless, these greatly improve iPhone customisation and functionality.

New Formatting Options for the Messages App

The Messages app is becoming more expressive with new formatting options for bolding, underlining, strikethrough, and italicising, as well as the ability to use any emoji in a Tapback response. In addition, Apple is extending the satellite communications capabilities of the iPhone to enable satellite texting. The most interesting feature, however, is the ability to schedule messages. Further, Apple has stated that iOS 18 will bring RCS to Messages.

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Mail App Updates

With iOS 18, the Mail app is updated with new capabilities for organisation, such as shopping and promotions categories, as well as a Primary category for known senders and timely messages. Apple also lets you manage, archive, or remove emails from particular companies by linking them to apps on your phone based on the sender. Categorisation is optional and will be provided later in the year. 

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