Audemars Piguet introduces a brand-new dial and metal combo in the Royal Oak ‘Jumbo’ collection

By Ishan Raghava - April 6, 2021
The Royal Oak is arguably the most recognizable watch design in the world. So, how do you ‘re-innovate’ a design benchmark? That the Royal Oak collection from Audemars Piguet is a certified design....

That the Royal Oak collection from Audemars Piguet is a certified design legend has never been in doubt. But, as a manufacturer, when you create a design this iconic, the challenge forever facing you is to how to keep ‘re-innovating’ the design to draw in new customers, without diluting the essence of the product. Thankfully, AP has been able to baalnce this tightrope admirably, offering just enough changes in the Royal Oak collection in terms of materials, dials, finishes and sizes that the collection simply offers something new every time you look at it.

The latest in the Royal Oak lineup then is a brand-new dial colour – Green. Now many variations of the Royal Oak collection are offered in a combination with the green dial – Chronograph, Tourbillon etc – but the one piece of the most interest to me is the 15202 collection.

The 15202 variation of the Royal Oak is legendary in and of itself – a 39mm ‘Jumbo’ Extra Thin – but this is the first time that AP has introduced this in Platinum with a green dial. Which makes it quite a big deal, considering the huge amount of interest currently in the AP brand and the Royal Oak in particular. Featuring a sunburst green dial, and also equipped with a solid gold oscillating weight, the Jumbo will certainly grab your eye every time you wear it. There are only two small flies in the ointment though, finding a Royal Oak in today’s market is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack, and at a starting price of over $100,000, it’s a watch only a few can afford. 

Royal Oak Goes Green1

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