Stars of GPHG 2021

By Xite - October 25, 2021
Every year, the GPHG nominates and awards the best in the watchmaking business. So, as the Oscars of the watchmaking world declares its 2021 nominees – all 84 of them – we take a look at five of o....

As the annual Oscar’s of the watchmaking world declares its watch nominations of 2021, all 84 of them, we take a look at 5 of our favourite watches that we hope win big at the awards later this year.

Arnold & Son Magna Luna

Arnold Son Magna Luna

The fascination of the watchmaking world with the moon and its various phases is well known, but the Magna Luna from Arnold & Son seems to have taken it a step further. It’s a true delight to look at – not just because it has a simple yet extraordinary design but also because of its three-dimensional rendition of the moon (12mm diameter), which sits on a 44mm dial. Manufactured using marble, for the shining side of the moon, and aventurine, for the dark side of the moon, the three-dimensional moon is the largest rotating moon built into a wristwatch, and it self-rotates to accurately depict different moon phases. Enhancing the design further is the aventurine dial, which gives a beautiful dark background to highlight the moon and the off-centre sub-dial. Needless to say, it truly is one
of my favourite designs amongst this year’s launches.




The Datora lineup is an absolutely stunning collection from Breitling and happens to be a personal favourite of mine. Now, I am a sucker for chronographs and moon phase displays, and the Datora combines the two beautifully. Sure, some might think of the dial as a bit cluttered, but if you pay attention to the sub-dials and the day and month display, you’ll notice that it seamlessly integrates all the elements. Besides, I love the elegance of the beautiful red gold case with a cream dial and the modern appeal of the steel case with a gorgeous salmon dial. In fact, if I had the money, one would be on my wrist by now.


De Bethune DB Kind of Two Tourbillon

De Bethune DB Kind Of Two Tourbillon

Watches with switchable faces have been around for a long time, but none of them has enjoyed the popularity of the Reverso lineup from JLC. But now, with the DB Kind of Two Tourbillon, De Bethune seems to have pushed the benchmark a bit further. With two completely different dials, which can be switched at any time, it features a complicated movement that ensures that the watch works seamlessly regardless of the face used. Additionally, what is fascinating is the contrast between the two watch faces – one has an avant-garde futuristic look, with its titanium dial and tourbillon, while the other features a beautiful yet traditional dial with a delightful guilloche pattern.


MB&F LM101

MB F LM101

I’ve been an admirer of Max Büsser’s work in the past, and I must with the latest edition of the Legacy Machine 101 lineup, he has done it again – it’s simply a masterpiece. For 2021, the LM101 has been updated, which, dare I say, is the most ‘conventional’ of the brand’s designs – if you can call an MB&F conventional, that is. Enclosed in a 40mm case, the LM101 is also offered in steel, which is a rarity for the brand. And it offers three different dial colours and material variations, of which the combination of rose gold and dark blue is particularly beautiful. Other highlights of the watch include movement advice from the legendary Kari Voutilainen and a stunning two sub-dial design, with a beautiful dial background.




The Royal Oak is one of the Holy Grails of the watchmaking world and, given the current market conditions, has witnessed unprecedented demand and a stratospheric rise in prices in the used watch market. And rightly so – after all, it’s one of the legendary designs by Genta. The Royal Oak has a sense of timelessness to it – something that only a handful of watches in the long history of watchmaking can claim to have. Now, in its latest version, both its seamlessly integrated bracelet and the case are finished in platinum, and the much in-vogue burst green dial offers a stunning contrast. Plus, its 39mm dial makes it very practical for every use.

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