Facebook testing dark mode for desktop users

By Xite - October 22, 2019
After months of testing dark mode for Messenger users on Android, the social media giant Facebook has now started introducing dark mode in the beta version of the interface for desktop users.

Dark Mode has become the new talk of the town. First Twitter, then Instagram and now Facebook is planning to roll out a customised dark mode version of its platform. Earlier in 2019, the social media giant Facebook announced to bring dark mode theme to both its desktop version and its mobile app.

The company first tested the dark mode for Android users in August and now many users have reported dark mode on the beta version of Facebook’s website, which includes an option to activate dark mode. The feature is available only to select desktop users.

A few users took to internet to share screenshots of the dark mode, which in terms of user interface almost looks similar to the one Facebook presented at its annual F8 developer conference last May. The dark mode on the Facebook’s desktop version looks similar to the Twitter's version.

Earlier this week, Twitter rolled out dark mode to its Android app. Twitter’s dark mode feature is called ‘Lights Out’ and does a great job at reducing power consumption on Android smartphones that sport an OLED display.

On the other hand, in addition to a dark interface, Facebook has also tweaked design of its website – a few elements have been repositioned and a few new tabs have been introduced which makes the new design looks quite different.

The dark mode is designed to reduce eye strain, increase battery life on smartphones that have AMOLED displays, as the black pixels are completely switched off.

There is no official announcement from Facebook for the release of its dark mode.

Earlier this month, Instagram rolled out dark mode for both Android and iOS users. The different pages of the app, Direct Messages and IGTV, also wear a black-coloured skin while retaining the core functionality of the app.

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