Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch review

By Arup Das - September 1, 2017
Swiss watchmaker Frederique Constant brings old school charm to the smart watch world. The Horological Smartwatch for ladies now boasts of additional features. We find out if it’s actually any smart....

Swiss watchmaker Frederique Constant brings old school charm to the smart watch world. The Horological Smartwatch for ladies now boasts of additional features. We find out if it’s actually any smarter.  

Technology plays a very important part in our lives and it has now even managed to creep into the good old fashion Swiss watches. We got to experience a slice of this modern day marvel when we reviewed Frederique Constant’s Horological Smartwatch for gents last year. Now the famous Swiss watch maker has decided why should men have all the fun and, therefore, they launched Horological Smartwatch for women and yes we were one of the lucky few to get our hands, rather get the smart watch around our wrist.
What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a smart watch? A digital watch with a lot of features right? Well what if you could wear a classic looking analog Swiss watch, which also manages to give you all the smart watch features? This all is very much possible thanks to the Horological Smartwatch. 

 The smart watch showcases an intricately detailed dial featuring heart’s guilloché decoration with Roman numeral indexes. The 34mm case comes in an all-steel finish and is water resistant to 3 ATM meaning the watch is resistant to rain, hand washing and other occasional water contact. Now it may come across a bit too simple to be a smart watch but it has a built-in accelerometer for step and sleep-tracking. Apart from this, the smart watch comes with a powerful battery that is rated to last for two years or as the watch maker mentions it, 25 months. So, there is no headache of recharging it every fourth or fifth day. 

Now the question arises, how does this Horological Smartwatch work? It’s quite simple really thanks to its MMT-365 app, which is available in both Android and iOS. All you need to do is download the app on to your smartphone. As the watch has retained a classic Swiss watch dial, it doesn’t come with a digital screen, therefore, all the features and goals set by you can only be seen on the smartphone app. To sync the phone with the watch, simply press the crown for a couple of seconds. The crown is actually the Bluetooth button, therefore, you can only set the time via the app. It does feel a bit weird, but once the time is set, that hardly lingers in your mind. 

Now the app has some basic details that need to be filled up like gender, age, weight and height. It has three modes — activity, sleep and goals. In activity mode, one can set the number of steps you want to achieve, while in sleep mode, the watch monitors how many hours of sleep you get and the last feature will show details of your activities and reveal if you have managed to successfully achieve it or are seriously lagging behind. All your activity graphs can also be shared via email or Twitter, for all social butterflies. The app also lets you record a powernap. This mode only records the actual sleep duration, so if you have selected a nap time of 30 minutes, the app only starts counting when you actually fall asleep. So if it takes 10 minutes for you to fall asleep then the app will  wake you up after 40 minutes. 

Good news is that the geniuses at Frederique Constant have now upgraded the Horological Smartwatch as it comes with Notify features, namely call and email notifications. This function allows the user to be notified whenever she receives a call or an email. After connecting and pairing the watch to the MMT-365 app, of course. Therefore, whenever the user receives a call, the watch vibrates briefly, the hour and minute hands join at 2 o’clock for 2 seconds notifying the user that a call is coming through, the same happens for the email notifications, except the hour and minute hands will point to 10 o’clock.

Personally, I felt that the Horological Smartwatch is a stop shop watch, which gives you all the information one requires apart from telling you the time, of course, and can be worn on each and every occasion. As it’s a smart watch, it lets you know about your activities and now notifies you if you’ve received an email or a call. It looks elegant and at the same time functions like a smart watch. What more can one ask for? Ladies, so is this smart watch a must have accessory or technology? We’ll let you decide that. As for the price, it starts from ₹52,000. 

9/ 10
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