Here's What New WhatsApp Update Brings For iPhone Users

By Sanorita - May 9, 2024
For iOS users, WhatsApp has released an updated version that introduces a few minor yet notable changes to the look and functionality of the application. Check out all the new features in detail.

WhatsApp has rolled out a new 24.9.74 update for iOS, featuring minor yet noticeable enhancements to the app's functionality. For all iPhone models, the update will be accessible for download via the App Store. Though the deployment is slow, it is expected to reach all users in the coming days. As a part of the upgrade, WhatsApp now enables iPhone users to share audio during screen-sharing sessions, leading to improved video calling.

Previously, while screen sharing, users could only hear external audio picked up by the microphone, instead of audio played on the device. The most recent version allows users to share both the screen and the audio from their device, making video calls more engaging. In addition, the upgrade adds more new features. Read on to learn about them.

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Green Buttons and Icons

The application now has green-coloured buttons and notification icons, which include a new message button, and icons for new groups, contacts, and communities. The number of unread messages that are shown next to the chat list and the unread message indicator also has a green hue. The night mode theme used to be green by default earlier, but it is now brighter. When using the app in light mode, the colour is also visible.

Whatsapp Rep Image

Redesigned Interface

The recently released WhatsApp update features refreshed icons. These updated icons were previously seen in beta versions. However, now they are standard for all iOS users, streamlining the app's look across Android, iOS, and web interfaces.

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