Instagram’s new in-app features allows user to control data sharing with other apps

By Xite - October 16, 2019
Aiming to give users more control over their data being shared with the third party apps, Instagram has introduced new in-app features to help you better control the data you share with those apps.

Keeping data privacy of the users at the core, Instagram today announced new in-app features to help you better control the data you share with third-parties through Instagram.

Many third-party apps and websites available on App Stores often provide users with an option to ‘Import photos from Instagram’ or offer them with an option to ‘Connect/Link to Instagram.’ For instance, a few apps allow you to easily print your Instagram photos or help you build a website. And often after a user connects his/her account to a third-party service, they grant those apps access to some of your profile information, such as your username and photos. But, starting today, Instagram will make it easy for people to manage all of the third-party services they connect to their Instagram account.

Users can now manage their connections to third party services by heading over to ‘Settings’ in the Instagram app. Next tap ‘Security’ then tap ‘Apps and Websites.’ From there, you’ll have the option to remove any third-party services you no longer want connected to your Instagram account. When you remove a third-party service, they will no longer have access to new data on your account.

The company has also introduced an updated authorisation screen that lists all the information the third party is requesting to access. You’ll have the option to ‘cancel’ or ‘authorize’ this access directly from the authorization screen.

These new in-app features will be rolled out gradually over the next six months and will allow people to have more control over the data they share with third-party services.

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