Killer Instinct: Gameplay Review

By Xite - August 1, 2016
Killer Instinct is back with next level graphics and introduces four new fighters. Will this be enough to whoop its competition? We find out. I have to be honest, I was never so crazy about fighting g....

Killer Instinct is back with next level graphics and introduces four new fighters. Will this be enough to whoop its competition? We find out.

I have to be honest, I was never so crazy about fighting games like Street Fighter. Kick, punch and knock ‘em out, I just found it too monotonous till the ground breaking Mortal Kombat made its debut. Like millions of fans, I loved the signature Fatality move in MK. During the same time Killer Instinct too had a strong following and what it lacked in graphics, it made up in gaming experience. Well, we now have the 2016 version of Killer Instinct and we find out if the game can really shake up the fighting genre in the virtual arena?

So what’s new in the latest Killer Instinct installment? For starters, there are four new fighters and what makes this mix interesting is guest appearance of Arbiter from Halo and the ever popular Rash from Battletoads. Apart from these two, Killer Instinct has recalled Kim Wu and Tusk from the arcade version. Kim Wu is one of the easiest fighters to control. She is a character inspired by Bruce Lee, therefore, she is lightening fast and deadly with nunchucks. No doubt she is a powerhouse when it comes to close range attacks with her punches, but she can also beat the living day lights out of her opponents when it comes to long range fights. Only thing is that it takes a while getting the range spot on to let her kicks do all the talking. But once you’ve mastered this move, it will also help you ace the combo moves. Her power signature, the Dragon Spirits, which lets her shoot missiles at her opponent.

Killer Instinct Review

Tusk, on the other hand, is one towering character, who is more than happy to chop his enemies into half with his huge battle sword. He is easily one of the most powerful fighters in the game, but his weakness is his sluggish slow movement, which inevitably leads to his downfall. Due to this it is not simply a smash and win game. In case of Tusk, one has to wait patiently and plan out his move. Therefore, strategic plan comes into play unless you want to get clobbered.

I know I will be criticized for saying this, but I never really understood what the big deal was with the Halo franchise. But after pitting Arbiter against other fighters, I realised the fine details the game makers have taken care of to make sure this character is immaculate. Arbiter is armed with guns and has limited ammunition. Apart from that he can slice-and-dice his opponents with his blade, but like Tusk even though he is powerful, he lacks pace.

Our favourite fighter, without a shadow of doubt, is Rash. With quick reflexes, he is very easy to control. So with lightening fast punches and kicks, he also tricks his opponents into making false moves.

Killer Instinct Game Review

With all 22 characters, what makes Killer Instinct unique is that no two fighters are alike. This title always had the best soundtrack and its great to see, rather hear, that the game developers have stuck to good old hard rock music, which adds to the intensity. Killer Instinct was never known for its visuals, but now each fighter has his or her customized background. Urban Chinatown’s graphics might not be earth shattering, but the hustle-and-bustle in the background does make it look realistic when Wu is knocking someone’s teeth off. Arbiter’s Halo background is by far the best. Killer Instinct is a must buy, even if you are not a fan of fighting titles. What makes it unique is that its tutorial mode is not just informative and makes you a better fighter in this game, but it also lets you understand this genre. Therefore, this helps you master complicated combo and signature moves in other similar games.

7.1/ 10
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