OnePlus 12R Gets AI Eraser Tool with New OxygenOS 14 Update; Here's How it Works

By Reetika Bhatt - April 10, 2024
With the help of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, OnePlus' AI Eraser can automatically replace specific aspects in an image after analysing it. This will help to get rid of distracting bac....

The popular OnePlus 12R has received several updates since it launched a few months back. The model now incorporates the AI Eraser feature, which was previously exclusive to the more expensive OnePlus 12. This latest software update for the mid-range phone will bring a wide range of new features and enhancements. The most notable modification is the AI Eraser tool, which enables users to easily delete undesired people or objects from their pictures. This is similar to an existing feature offered by brands like Samsung and Google. Besides this, the update also adds improvements to already-existing features and a volume control option unique to each app. Read on to know more about what else this new update has to offer. 

The New AI Eraser and Other Features

An update, coming in at around 227 MB, called OxygenOS has been released for the OnePlus 12R. According to the changelog for the upgrade, 12R users can now use Photos to make photo collages without frames. Additionally on offer is the recently unveiled OnePlus AI Eraser, which the firm says is capable of intelligently eliminating undesired components, people, or objects from photos. The generative AI model AndesGPT, developed by OPPO, is the basis for the AI Eraser tool. It operates only with an internet connection.

With the help of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, OnePlus' AI Eraser can automatically replace specific aspects in an image after analysing it. This could be applied to get rid of distracting background objects, crop out unwanted people from a picture, or even fix small flaws. The goal of the feature is to remove the need for complicated, specialist software and increase accessibility to photo editing. Apart from this, the update gives the option to modify the volume settings for certain apps. As a result, there are more customisation options for owners to personalise their audio experience. You might, for example, turn up the volume level on your preferred music app and turn it down for any notifications from other apps. Furthermore, users can now quickly use the flashlight in dimly lit areas by long pressing the volume down button while the screen is off.

Which Models Receive the Update?

OnePlus has started rolling out the software update for several models to enable the latest AI Eraser function. These include OnePlus 12, OnePlus 12R, OnePlus 11, OnePlus Open, and the newly launched OnePlus Nord CE4. If you haven't received the update yet, go to Settings > About Device. A software update will appear here if there is one. As the update is being released in batches, it will take some time for everyone to receive the same. 

AI Eraser Tool: How Does it Work?

In order to use the AI Eraser feature, you must make sure that your OnePlus smartphone is running on the most recent software version. Here is a brief tutorial on using the AI Eraser tool:

- Select the image you wish to edit by opening the OnePlus Photos app.

- Choose 'Edit' from the menu, then select the 'AI Eraser tool' from the editing tools.

- For the removal of objects, there are two options.

- Users can accurately choose undesired things to be removed with 'Smart Lasso'.

- Or they can brush over things with 'Paint Over' to instruct AI to delete them and smoothly merge the background.

- Next, they can compare the altered version with the original photo after using the tool.

- The final step is to save the edited image.

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