OnePlus Pay rolled out in China, to be announced in India soon

By Xite - March 25, 2020
The OnePlus Pay mobile payment service has been officially rolled out in China and would soon be expanded in global markets including the US and India. The service is currently compatible with only On....

In September of 2019, when OnePlus launched the OnePlus 7T series of smartphones, the Chinese phone maker also made an announcement for its mobile payment service, which would arrive in 2020. Called OnePlus Pay, the service is now officially rolled out in China and will soon be announced in India.

According to a report from GizChina, OnePlus Pay can be accessed from the ‘Wallet’ app available on the OnePlus 7T and 7T Pro smartphones or you can double-press the power button to quickly access the OnePlus Pay. The feature requires you to add your card details, and after activating the service, you can make payments with your OnePlus phones at POS terminals that support NFC-based payments.

Presently, OnePlus Pay is only compatible with the OnePlus 7T (Review) phone. OnePlus says, older devices will gain support for the NFC-based mobile payment service in the near future soon.

Since India is one of the biggest markets for OnePlus, the company is likely to bring OnePlus Pay for its users in India soon. However, OnePlus hasn't announced any specific timeline for the launch of OnePlus Pay in the country.

Earlier this month, the company also rolled out a new logo for the upcoming OnePlus 8 Series of smartphones. The new OnePlus logo now sports a curvilinear ‘1’ and the ‘+’ on the top right corner of the surrounding box and is slightly bigger than the 'one' in the previous logo.

And nearly two days after OnePlus announced that I will bring 5G in the OnePlus 8 series of smartphones, the Chinese tech giant said that it will invest $30 million in the development of 5G. The company would also conduct 5G testing in its India R&D centre in Hyderabad.

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